How much does Network installation cost ?

Whether you need a network installation in your small office or you need to set up the network in a large building, network installation costs vary from project to project. There are multiple factors that influence the network installation cost, like cable length, site parameters, the number of network hardware items, the market value of hardware, etc.

An improper network system in your office or building may create a big blunder in the work and block communication among departments. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a reputable installer to get an estimate of network installation costs, who can offer you the exact cost of installation by reviewing your project.

In this article, we will discuss various factors that affect the network installation cost and how an experienced and established network installer will help you save money:

Factors affecting Network installation cost

1. Building parameters

Not all network cables fit all the buildings. The construction of the building matters the most in terms of network installation cost.

Depending on the size and construction, you need different equipment and cables to do the setup. In addition, some specific types of commercial buildings have important building codes that particularly specify different categories of network cables used in that building.

For instance, some buildings have plenum areas where you experience forced air circulation for heating and cooling. You need a plenum cable in this type of area. Plenum cable has a fire-resistant plastic coating and delivers minimal toxins if it burns. These cables are a bit expensive, but they are the right fit for these areas. On the other hand, if you need to install a network in a non-plenum place, such as under the floors, then you don’t need to spend money on this expensive plenum cable.

2) Length and type of cable

The cost of the cable entirely depends on the length of the cable and the type of cable you need for the installation. When deciding the type and length of the cable, you need to figure out the things associated with your work, such as the number of devices, data ports, jacks, and manpower. Every network cable serves a different purpose. They all formed in different ways to perform their different roles as per the needs of the work. Therefore, choose the length and type of cable by considering your network requirements.

Let’s have a look at the most in demand network cables that serve different purposes and are available at different prices.

Fiber optic cable

  • Most reliable and faster data transmission.
  • Most Expensive
  • Required special tools to install
  • Highest bandwidth
  • Connect with multiple devices.
  • Ideal for setting up large networks.
  • Long durability

Cat 7 cable

  • Four shielded twisted pair cables
  • Highly durable and long lifespan
  • Most expensive
  • Speeds up to 10 GB

Cat 6 cable

  • Higher data transfer rates.
  • Data speeds up to 10 GB (distance covered: under 90 meters)
  • greater bandwidth
  • Good for smaller, less data-intensive offices
  • Less expensive than Cat 7 cable

Cat 5e cable

  • Cheapest network cable
  • Slow data speeds
  • Short life-span
  • Currently, outdated cable

These are the few network cable types used to install the network in the building. Selecting the right network cable is a crucial task to maintain proper network connectivity in the building. Always invest in the right cable type that promises fast data transfer speed, security, and durability. If you choose the best quality cable at once, then it may also save you money from time to time to replace the cable.

Network Hardware Equipments

Another factor you should consider in estimating the cost of network installation is the amount of network hardware you need to do a proper connection setup. Network hardware is equipment that helps integrate the cables into the installation area and helps connect several network devices, such as printers, phones, etc., to set up proper communication. To run the operation of every cable, you should own hardware like well plates and data plus on every end of the network cable. Besides, you also need equipment like cable ties, patch panels, or cable cabinets to keep the cable organized.

If you need more cables, you also need more ports, which will increase the total cost of the installation.

At last, network installation is quite a tricky process. Inappropriate network installation in your building causes network interruptions and also creates additional expenses for making replacements. Therefore, we advise you to hire a professional network installer to avoid any unwanted issues. They may charge a fee for rendering their services; however, they have expertise in their field and suggest the best equipment and cable based on your needs.

Hire a professional network installer

Hiring an experienced and professional network installer helps you cut the installation cost. Here we stated how.

Before getting into the hands of the network installation process, network installation demands detailed planning. A planned network installation guide layout helps to execute the installation process smoothly and quickly.

A professional network installer has enough experience to know what is important and what is not important when installing. Additionally, established network installers have good links with network hardware manufacturers who sell their products at wholesale prices. It will help you save money.

A professional network installer also knows how to create a strong, constant, and reliable network for your business that is easy to manage and maintain. Furthermore, if you find any discrepancies in your network connection in the future, you can call them to get assistance.


To sum up, we have already stated that every Network installation cost is different and varies from building to building or project to project. Over the phone, estimations about the network installation cost are never reliable until the network installer conducts an on-site visit to your project. Thus, we suggest you hire a professional network installation company that can oversee the project for assessment. After the on-site walkthrough of your project, the network installer will offer the best quote fit for you.

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