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Point of sale(POS), also known as point of purchase, has already proved its dominance in the business world. Techspirit Solutions understands every business’s uniqueness and provides the best POS solutions to help retailers and restaurateurs bring their consumer experience to the next level. We provide access to hardware and software that enables you to make sales effortlessly. The ice on the cake is that our system will allow you to accept payment from buyers and keep a record of your track. Our offering combines a comprehensive suite of services covering the entire lifetime of the terminal, from installation to end-of-life management, for a convenient recurring fee.

Top reasons to consider our POS services!

A POS approach is used to refer to the cash record at a store. Our POS solutions in Canada are so advanced that you can check out the customer from the desired place.

Hassle-free bill splitting

Many of our clients agree that hassle-free bill splitting is one of the most common reasons why they love our POS services. A simple swipe is all you need for instant bill splits.

Quick keys and/or product lookup

Quick keys are simply the shortcuts within your POS system that allow associates to hit a single button for commonly sold items.

Returns, refunds, and store credit features

Ironically, a store's return policy plays a key role in its success. It is not a secret that your customers will ask for shopper-friendly policies.

Integrated payment processing

Techspirit Solutions integrate seamlessly with all payment modes. So we've got you covered whether you talk about cash, credit cards, debit cards, or digital wallets.

Staff and scheduling management

It is not only about the customers, but you need something for your staff and managed schedules as well. Our services take care of all the shift schedules, streamline payroll, and can optimize all the labor costs.

Custom floor plans and menu management

When we talk about restaurants, a custom floor plan, and menu management comes under the utmost necessity. You can edit your floor plans considering all the critical factors like distance between the tables, time seated, and payout per table. Also, update and manage your menu from anywhere.

Significant Advantages of Using Techspirit Solutions' POS Services

TechSpirit Solutions’ advantages rely on multiple pillars:

Key components of a POS system

Hardware and software are the two major parts of a POS system that work through the entire task of conducting sales transactions:


Our highly qualified team will visit your place, managing the hardware of the POS system consisting of all the physical setups. Then, we connect the layout to the server, PC, or a portable device like a tablet. The system may also contain add-ons such as barcode scanners, label printers, cash drawers, receipt printers, cash drawers, and cash machines to process all the payments.


The POS software is required to store all the information and maintain it within the database. Our POS system offers you a vast range of capabilities, including all sales monitoring, device connectivity, tracking, returns, employee management, custom programs, and inventory tracking.
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