Step By Step Guide to Outdoor Security Camera Installation

outdoor security camera installation

Installing an outdoor camera is not as simple as installing an indoor camera. An outdoor camera installation demands much time and effort to provide great results. If an outdoor camera has not been installed in the right position, then it can’t play its job effectively. Therefore, we are here to provide an outdoor security camera installation guide that helps you install the security camera in the right way at the right place.

Check out the below important steps you should follow while installing an outdoor wireless camera:

8 Simple steps to install an outdoor wireless camera:

1. Install the security camera app

Search and download the camera app on your mobile phone that is told by your camera manufacturer. This app is required for the configuring and watching your camera on your phone.

2. Connect the security camera to the app

First, you need to plug in your camera and wait for the LED light to appear. It may be red, blue, orange, or green. If your camera doesn’t show the light, that means your product is faulty. In this case, you need to try troubleshooting through the camera security app on your phone or you can try it through the manufacturer’s official website. If both of these options fail to solve an issue, you can contact the brand’s customer support for assistance.

If an LED light appears through your camera, then open the camera security app on your phone there you will find the option ‘Add Camera’ or ‘Add New Device’. Click on that and your phone is now connected to the camera.

You should note that some products show a QR code on your viewing device, so you should go with app instructions as stated. Hold your phone in front of the camera, and your phone scans the camera and builds a connection with it.

3. Pick a camera installation location

Picking the right location for outdoor security camera installation matters most for getting the right footage of the subject from the right angle.

Here we have listed out the things you should keep in mind while picking the camera placement location.

  • Heights matter: choose a spot for installing the camera that is 9 feet high from the ground. It helps protect your camera from unauthorized access by individuals. Whether you need to monitor the doorway, backyard, or driveway, the camera should be placed at 9 feet from the ground to prevent unwanted access.
  • Choose a shady area: Outdoor security cameras have the capability to cope with brighter lights, so it is good to place them in shady areas to avoid glare. In addition, these cameras come with special waterproofing shields that prevent rain. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the excess sun or heavy rain, as they are already manufactured to work through all the seasons. Waterproof shields protect these cameras from rain and sunlight.
  • Use a Wi-Fi Range Extender: Outdoor wireless security cameras need a Wi-Fi Range Extender to perform their operations. Try to place the WiFi extender as close to the camera as you can, or you can place it on the other side of the wall.

4. Assemble the tools

Collect the below tools before installing the outdoor security camera:

  1. Power Drill: A power drill should be strong and powerful enough to go through tough materials.
  2. Masonry Drill: This masonry drill helps to do drilling in hard materials like concrete or stone.
  3. Electric Screwdriver: Use an eclectic screwdriver to work in a fast and easy manner.
  4. Chalk: Chalk is required to mark the spot where you need screws.
  5. Spirit Level app: The Spirit Level app is a mobile app that helps to make mounts straightaway. It helps to know whether the surface is vertical or horizontal. You can download this application on your mobile phone for free.
  6. Wall Scanners: Wall scanners are physical devices that help scan the wall. It is designed to detect metal pipes, electric wires, or other hidden objects in the wall. Before drilling, It is vital to scan the wall through a wall scanner in order to avoid damage.

5. Mark the camera placement spot.

In this step, you need to mark the spot with the help of chalk, where you have to drill holes for installing an outdoor camera. While performing this step, you need to check the spirit level of that location to ensure that it is straight or not.

Also, you should use the wall scanner to detect hidden objects, and if there is no hidden object, then you can go further with drilling.

6. Mount the camera.

To pre-drill small holes in the marked area, you will need to use a drill bit slightly smaller than the screw provided with the bracket, as pre-drilling makes it much easier to insert the screw.

You will then need to align the bracket mount holes with the pre-drilled holes. Insert screws into the holes through these brackets and tighten them with an electric screwdriver. Here, you need to make sure the bracket is stable and level.

7. Test the camera

Before installing the outdoor camera, test the camera to make sure it is operating its functions properly and giving the desired footage. Moreover, Check the connectivity of the app with the camera to monitor the footage without interruption.

8. Do camera settings.

Make camera settings through the camera app that you have downloaded on your phone. You can set the desired recording schedules, motion detection sensitivity, or any notification preferences.

Final Point

We hope this outdoor security camera installation guide helps you a lot in installing your outdoor security camera properly. We suggest you follow the above process carefully during the installation process, such as choosing a heightened place for the camera, establishing a good WiFi connection, preferring a shady area, and one more thing, keep reviewing the camera’s signal strength through the camera application to get better surveillance.

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