How to Choose the Best Location for Your CCTV Cameras

Best Location for Your CCTV Cameras

When placed in suitable locations, CCTV surveillance devices can effectively deter crimes such as theft, burglary, and vandalism. Proper positioning of indoor and outdoor security cameras can provide the highest level of home surveillance.

Here is how you can choose the best location for your cctv cameras.

Install Both Visible and Covert Cameras in Following Areas:


Front Entrance

The entrance door is usually the primary entry point for visitors in most households. Therefore, monitoring it to prevent potential criminal activity and record any accidents is essential. An upward-angled camera mounted above the door can offer a clear view of guests and their activities.


Installed outside surveillance cameras for keeping an eye on the backyard are intended to detect intruders and are distinct from entryway cameras. Therefore, it is essential to position the camera in a location not obstructed by any physical barriers, such as mounting it at an elevated spot or placing it underneath a porch, to obtain an unobstructed and comprehensive view of the surrounding area. 


It is essential to secure the driveway area to prevent unauthorized access to a home which is often the primary entry point. One effective way to do this is by installing outdoor security cameras near the garage door. This location offers a thorough view of the region hidden by the driveway gate, making it simpler to spot any shady activity.   

Backyard Entrance

The backyard entry gate or door that provides entry to the backyard can be controlled more strictly than the entrance, and its monitoring can enable this. Therefore, its placement should differ from that of the front door at an angle above the entrance.  

In business, monitoring involves more than just observing entrances and areas with high foot traffic. It also entails utilizing outdoor and indoor CCTV cameras to oversee employees and safeguard valuable items, equipment, and spaces. 

Equipment Storage

Valuable equipment and its access can be successfully monitored by using outdoor CCTV cameras and access control systems such as code-restricted locks. In addition, placing the surveillance equipment strategically, such as a high point on an exterior pole or wall, provides a clear view of the equipment and ensures better protection. 

Exits and Entrances

Installing outside CCTV cameras to watch exits and entrances is not just for businesses to keep an eye on customers or deliveries. When used with alarms and access control, it can give useful statistical and personal data on incoming visitors and improve general security. The cameras must be positioned such that they can see all incoming and exiting guests clearly for this purpose. 

Material Storage

Just like vehicles and equipment, cameras can be used to keep an eye on outside-stored commodities for trade, such as materials used for making concrete, furniture, metalwork, statues, etc. Integrating outdoor CCTV cameras with alarm systems and access control can fully automate the area’s security. To ensure maximum effectiveness, these CCTV should be strategically positioned in a secure location that provides a clear view of the designated storage area.  


The deployment of surveillance cameras at work sites is a novel way to encourage adherence to corporate rules and guarantee worker security. Therefore, it is essential to position the cameras strategically in areas that are not easily obstructed to achieve this. 

Truck Lots

Truck lots pose a risk to employee safety and security, just like equipment and material storage areas. They are also a hub of employee activity and vulnerable to potential threats. However, monitoring truck lots can be challenging as it cannot be accomplished by a single camera alone. For effective surveillance, multiple cameras are required, usually positioned at the lot’s entrances and centers and positioned at high vantage points to ensure comprehensive truck monitoring. 

Outdoor CCTV cameras will effectively monitor essential areas in both residential and commercial properties. Homeowners can also benefit from video surveillance systems to safeguard their homes. Techspirit Solutions offers a wide range of choices for interested customers. Contact us now to explore your choices.

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