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Are you looking to install a new security system to protect your business or commercial property? Would you like to see your entire property at a glance from your smartphone and even stop crime before it happens? Here is the complete step-by-step guide on how to install security equipment in your home or business premises. With input from experienced CCTV installers.


Planning and preparation are central to installing your security system successfully. The most important aspect of installing a CCTV camera system is choosing the right spots.

In this section we cover:
Where to position?
Drawing a diagram of the house or commercial premises?

It is very useful when working out where to position a security system to draw a diagram of your property. This makes it clear before you start where the system needs to be placed to maximize security and the effectiveness of the system.

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First, we need to decide where to keep it. For example, it could be in the loft, office, or near the TV. We will think about how to do this to minimize the visibility of cables. Do a survey to identify the location of cameras for the best view to protecting the property. Based on the objectives, choose a location and height for the security system. Then we will do all the other necessary steps. Once the system is connected, repeat the same procedure for the others. We will be clear about what you are trying to achieve.

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Installing & Configuring

When we place the equipment, we will physically connect it. After the equipment is physically connected it is easy to configure and start recording each camera. Before that, we ant to choose the right amount of storage for your surveillance installation can seem like a confusing gamble. Storing more generally means using more physical space and hard drives. We will set the configuration well.



Security systems are put through numerous tests to find the best performers. Our professional testing experts, take into account not just the technical performance of the security system but also how easy it is to set up and use. Our security camera testers are designed to facilitate the installation, maintenance, and testing activities of security cameras.

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Tell us more about your security concerns, so that we can get started on a plan to address them. We're here to help relieve the stress and make your property or business more secure. Your time is valuable, and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Each location has its own security needs. We only use the very best digital technology to give you the best security possible. Our staff is truly dedicated to provide the highest level of service. During normal working day hours, our staff can help with questions from service, how to work your system, technical help, service and installation, etc.